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The 3 biggest benefits of using a boom arm?

There are multiple reasons as to why a microphone arm might be of interest to you. In this blog, you will find out what the advantages are of using a boom arm in comparison to a table top microphone stand.

Sensic microphone positioning

1. Better positioning of the microphone

The biggest advantage to using a mic arm is that it allows you to get the perfect microphone placement. You want the microphone to be positioned as close to you as possible without leaning forward like you do with a standard tabletop microphone stand. The distance between you and the microphone has a great impact on the sound of your voice. Your voice will be fuller, warmer and louder when you are closer to the microphone, this is also called the ‘proximity effect‘. This happens because the microphone picks up more lower frequencies when you are close. This effect is what makes it so enjoyable to listen to DJs on the radio.

However, you don’t want to keep the microphone too close either, otherwise your voice will end up sounding muddy and boomy. Every microphone has its own sweet spot, but you would be best off to start at a distance of approximately 15 to 30 centimeters (6 to 12 inches) away from your mic. A microphone boom arm allows you to always have your microphone at that sweet spot, even if you’re moving around.

Sensic reduced shock noise

2. Reduced shock noise

Another reason to go for a boom arm is to reduce shock noises. Naturally, you create a lot of vibrations when you’re working at your desk. Take for example the keyboard presses, taps on any object on the desk or you placing anything down on it. All of these sounds are usually picked up by a tabletop mic stand, which greatly affects the audio quality. You won’t notice it much yourself, but your listeners will have every little vibration amplified into their ears. Luckily all of these vibrations will be reduced heavily thanks to the springs of the boom arm. However, you will get the absolute best result when using a shock mount attached to a boom arm. A shock mount is also called an isolation mount, because it is designed to hold and isolate the microphone to protect it from shocks and vibrations. In another blog article we will tell you everything about it.

Sensic SA-20 microphone boom arm table clamp

3. More space on your desk

A table top microphone stand needs to be positioned close to you on your desk to ensure a good sound quality. This not only reduces your desk space, but you also have to go around your microphone stand to reach your keyboard. A boom arm is much more convenient to use as you can position your microphone exactly where you want it. If you’re done using the microphone, you just turn the arm towards the opposite direction so it is out of your sight.

What boom arm should I get?

There are many options when it comes to boom arms, although it is easy to go overboard with it. Our offers include the SA-10 and the SA-20 boom arms, both compatible with nearly all microphones (check our compatibility table here). The SA-10 features a more traditional but very functional scissor arm design, allowing you to put the microphone in any position you could imagine. The SA-20 boom arm on the other hand has a more sleek and modern design with internal springs, more geared towards those who would like to have a premium setup. It has some neat extra features, such as built-in cable management and even smoother and quieter arm movement. You can check out both boom arms by clicking the buttons below.

SA-10 boom arm SA-20 boom arm